“Spy School” Pilot

Biography on the British TV Cable series 2002.

Brief overall biography, plus further notes on episode #1.6 where Essa Zahir role-played a ‘Hostage Taker’: with photos, YouTube video footage, credit listings and relative links.

The Score

Biography on the 1996 short film written, directed & edited by Anil Rao.

Rise, Rise, Rise!

Poems & extracts from "The Cosmological Warrior" by Essa Zahir.

Art & poetry devoted to a reach for true divinity from darkness and even corners of hell. Essa Zahir goes through great lengths to open his works to all, regardless of their religious and non-religious beliefs, but ‘unify’ the soul of the book with the suffering all human beings face and are bound to live through in their lives.

“Method” Inspiration

Seeing Is Beleiving

Essa Zahir- actor and student of the “Method” recommends actors (old and new), special performances and specific scenes, plus teachings. Supplement to his “Actor’s Biography”. Open to regular updates.

None Native British Big Cats

Blame it all on "foreigners & blacks"!

Essa Zahir shares his views on the phenomenon of the British none native cats, aiming to clarify truths from many myths. Plus: detailed references to species, photos, videos & relative links.